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five color light flash, that Nie Feng's body was instantly torn to pieces, but this one is torn Nie Feng, the illusion of order disappeared.A claw after less than a second, the beast will appear in another Nie Feng front, then, is a claw hit, Nie Feng front of order Unreal disappear again, three or four red channeling round, and finally in one MBT Sandalen time before Nie Feng, beasts will encounter resistance. "Is up to you! ! "Crazy a MBT Schuhe drink beast roared toward Nie Feng will constantly waving his hands, blood red Zhao Ying, instantly turning to the overwhelming tear marks toward Nie Feng enveloped down that terrible tear, Nie Feng believes that even steel, will instantly be torn Tencel. "Brutal, drawn and quartered! ! "Like the name of this martial art, this moves, simply exist to brutal moves, moves like the face of this dragnet, Nie Feng face is the slightest change, right golden light constantly rising into the sky, and then, gold Ray broke out, a unicorn first virtual shadow, from Nie Feng broke out on his right arm. "Annihilation storm! ! "A cold drink, Nie maple palm toward the sky claw marks that go boom, terrible annihilation strength, but also revealed that hideous fangs.
Chapter 436 Nie Feng, it touches the poison God that's a bit awkward, as if Nie Feng said he was pointing at a sinister heart of a gentleman's belly, like priest month after sitting down, he let the three sodium ring picked up and put all the things inside out, a glance, that the priests could not help but shocked month up. "This is the 'one thousand snakes Wan Duzhang' cultivation methods, it is 'blown Duwang interest', and this is the 'Noxious magic', many of which are already lost a powerful exercises. "We simply looked at three after January priest could not help but cry out surprise, and many drug house in the days of the elders on what bits are extremely surprised, mbt sandalen kisumu damen then inexplicable joy. "Priest on the moon, there's a thing I've seen, but felt quite Xie Yi, or the first to you it ...... "Then later, Nie Feng put that in refining the approac
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