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標題: Master saving grace. [打印本頁]

作者: dzwxotxn    時間: 2013-5-30 18:50     標題: Master saving grace.

Black gown looked that he had a brother, now brother and future brother's life-threatening, only 52 years old, but now such folks. Again reunion scene, otherwise cold heart suddenly swarmed heat wave touched the tears fall: Brothers, you and me from his comrades to fellow comrades,nike air max 2012, and finally become a life and death brothers, my black robe has been recorded in our brotherhood heart. then we were hunted down, Master saving grace.
In fact, Chen also usually human ruffian, happens very educated, Shangzhi astronomy and geographer,air jordan 4, almost not something that he can not tell. So he is a typical culture of hooliganism. Usually provoke a lot of girls are not his admiration, he happens to be at a critical moment with all the girls keep their distance..
The World: the month prior to the city wins battle to grab control over Shilin town, this month is to snatch control over volts Town and Shilin town two town next month the the desert town volts Town and Shilin town three town control over the month after next is falling Sakula Island, the desert town volts Town and Shilin town four town of simultaneous control over the next month after next four town-owned Santo order to snatch the main city of the frontier ! matter is also easy to understand, let the server, only four families ranked the top 20 family Association. strongest natural is the Maronite, followed a branch Hengdao immediately, then there are we war family, and finally is the wolf. four family guild with our numbers at least, is also in the game rules are least likely separate family occupied four city Dragons world have come to win over there we hope .
Even safe. Ming Zu white shark spears. Cecil piercing voice can resemblance to Ming Zu weird how sharp weapons exist. Good question ... said Chen Feng heard Linger words, said, Yes, would like to go to the western half of the Island from elsewhere, from the eastern half of Africa that can be said to die, but we do so is no way ... behind this remark when Chen Feng face tomorrow exposed concerns..
Like Xiehuo Phoenix, there are significantly more powerful after this? If it looks like, they can really trouble. The injured position is not the kind of pain, but the itch. Mingdao the progenitor not wait white shark spear jabs in his lap. Is not it? Shao Xun see surprised,Nike Free 3 V3, and my heart is already no longer able to calm down, the original then things like this: sister originally Chu Feng is a pair of lovers,air jordan retro 5, but the identity of the disparity made them afraid to mention. A heads of house Miss, the other was just a lowly security guard. Maybe a night relative constant, daily, as well as later developed to the point where this irreparable.

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